Welcome to Interventional Pain Care

At Interventional  Pain Care, we believe it is our responsibility to provide state-of-the-art pain management services to every member of our community. We are specialized in providing customized solutions for spinal, back and neck discomfort. As experts in the assessment and treatment of severe pain, relieving pain is our passion and mission. We are dedicated to bettering your quality of life through our comprehensive process of systematic evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of your pain. Finding the cause and effectively treating your pain is our primary goal. Our physicians will work with you and your primary care doctor to design a treatment program that will decrease your pain and increase your level of function.

What you can expect as our patient…

We do our best to accommodate all requests for appointments in a timely manner.
Most Procedures performed with Fluoroscopic Guidance (X-Ray).
Practice focus is Exclusively Pain Management.
Prompt and concise communication to your Referring Physician updating them on your condition.
Extensive Patient Education.
Convenient Location (front door parking).
Tenured Staff Trained in Pain Management to better assist Pain Patients.

A person who could benefit from Pain Management is someone who …

is having pain that has lasted for longer than a couple months.
thinks about their pain multiple times per day.
has decreased the amount of quality time they spend involved in activities inside and outside their home.
has been allowing pain to affect their personality/mood.
finds housekeeping and other activities of daily living becoming more difficult.
is unable to play with their children/grandchildren like they want.
is finding it difficult to continue employment secondary to pain.
is becoming increasingly dependent on others to assist them.
wants to regain their independence.

If you or someone you know fits any one of these characteristics, we would appreciate a call and would be delighted to provide gentle and effective pain relief.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 1-888-796-6615,  or use our Patient Portal.

Welcome and Mission

Interventional Pain Care L.L.C began in 2009, when founder Suresh Krishnan, MD, was an Anesthesiologist working at SSM Hospital  Lake saint Louis,  with special expertise in regional anesthesia. His skill in performing nerve blocks and spinal injections for surgical anesthesia led to referrals to treat chronic pain patients. He then realized there was a large population of patients with chronic pain with nowhere to turn for medical help.

Dr. Krishnan understood that patients with pain needed to be educated on what was happening in their body, why they were hurting and how they could be treated. He had a vision to create a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who specialize in improving lives through managing pain.

Interventional Pain Care L.L.C opened its first pain clinic, TROY MO in 2009, followed by a second location in O Fallon Missouri in 2010.Currently, Interventional Pain Care has a strong reputation for providing exceptional interventional pain services to patients in multiple locations. This includes providing a comprehensive approach to care with physical therapy, behavioral health and interventional services. From aquatic therapy in rehabilitation pools to one-on-one sessions with licensed mental health professionals, Interventional Pain Care L.L.C is considered a leader in the Lincoln county and St Charles county area in terms of patient care.


We are a team of specialized healthcare professionals whose purpose is to relieve pain and improve function in patients with persistent pain who have failed to respond to routine medical care. Our medical specialists combine advanced medical knowledge, technical expertise and compassion with the courage to implement creative solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain. Our practice is dedicated to adding value to the medical marketplace by reducing overall healthcare costs through the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of persistent pain. We do this by continuously improving the quality of our medical interventions and business processes as we strive to perfect the art and science of pain management.

We are always available to answer all questions or concerns by telephone or e-mail. As a team we work closely with the physicians to insure that all questions or concerns are answered in a timely and accurate manner.

In addition, all staff are highly trained and experienced in working with all private insurances and workers compensation claims. For the patient convenience, we process all necessary pre-certifications and insurance verifications for treatment and medications.


Why chose IPC

Interventional Pain Care is dedicated to the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic pain conditions. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care by utilizing cutting edge technology in our state-of-the-art facilities.

The services are provided by caring, compassionate, and experienced board certified interventional pain physicians and highly qualified medical staff. Our patients are given the best option and individualized treatment to relieve pain, improve function, and maximize quality of life.

We exceed the highest standards in Pain Management by providing optimal, thorough, and compassionate medical care to our patients. We accomplish this through the incorporation and utilization of the multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain.

We are always available to answer all questions or concerns by telephone or e-mail. As a team we work closely with the physicians to insure that all questions or concerns are answered in a timely and accurate manner. In addition, all staff are highly trained and experienced in working with all private insurances and workers compensation claims. For the patient convenience, we process all necessary pre-certifications and insurance verification for treatment and medications.

If you have a pain related issue, please call our office Troy, MO at 1-888-796-6615 and schedule an appointment for a comprehensive History and Physical Examination and receive a tailored management plan for your diagnosis.

Our Services

At Interventional Pain Care , our medical staff is highly trained and experienced in performing most advanced treatments for chronic pain in adults and children. Our goal is to relieve pain and improve function in patients who have failed to respond to conventional medical care.

Our Services Include:

  1.     Multidisciplinary Evaluation
  2.     Medication Management
  3.     Injections and Procedures
  • Arm and Elbow Procedures

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

Spinal Card Stimulation(Medtronic)

  • General Body Procedures

  Stellate Ganglion Block

  • Head, Neck and Spine Procedures

Intrathecal Pump Implant
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection
Medical Branch Block
RACZ Caudal Neurolysis
Radiofrequency Neurotomy of the Lumbar Facets
Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection

  • Shoulder Procedures

Cold Laser Therapy
Ultrasound-Guided Injection for Shoulder Pain

Conditions treated

Arthritis of shoulder knee wrist and fingers
Degenerative disc disease of the cervical thoracic and lumbar spine
Back pain
Neck pain
Spinal stenosis
Shingles pain
Cancer pain
Abdominal pain

Neuropathic pain
Tailbone pain
Hip pain
Pelvic pain
Failed back surgery pain
Chronic regional pain syndrome
Rib and chest wall pain
Carpal tunnel pain

New Patients

Thank you for choosing Interventional Pain Care . We work closely with your referring physician. We continuously monitor and measure the effectiveness of treatments on a regular basis and provide timely updates of your progress to your referring physician and all others that you request.

Patient Portal will help you to review and update your demographic, insurance and medical information.

If this is the first time you are accessing the Patient Portal please click here to pre-register. Please call us at 1-888-796-6615 if you need help.


Prior to the Appointment

1. Please call our office to schedule a new patient appointment or Patient Portal and we will contact you within 24 hours on business days.

2. Fax your last office visit notes from your referring physician to our office before the appointment. This will help us to identify your symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment plan (including any medications if written) before you come in for your appointment.

3. Medication History for the past 3 months.

4. All imaging reports

5.  Lab Tests.

6. Have your insurance information available when you call so we can verify that we participate with your plan.

7.Complete the following Patient Forms and bring it on the day of appointment.

Established Patients

Thank you for choosing Interventional Pain Care where we provide compassionate quality pain management.

Patient Portal will help you to review and update your demographic, insurance and medical information.

If this is the first time you are accessing the Patient Portal, you will need to create a login. Please call our office Troy, MO at 1-888-796-6615 if you need help.

Please complete and bring Follow-up Evaluation Form on the day of appointment.

Click here to view Patient Satisfaction Survey

For Referring Physicians

Welcome to Interventional Pain Care and thank you for considering us in the treatment of your patients with chronic pain. We are a comprehensive pain management practice, dedicated to the relief of acute and chronic pain in children and adults using an integrated approach. Our goal is to give your patients customized, advanced, and high quality solutions that will enable them to recapture their desired lifestyles in the near future.

Working with Our Practice

Patients can be referred to us using:

 • Referral Form Click here to download the form or please fax Patient Demographic sheet and last 3 progress notes.

Please print out and fax the form to 636-775-1544 at Troy.  Our physician will be in touch with you about your patient.  

• Patients can also self register themselves and request appointments using our online Patient Portal.

We need the following information about the patient:

1.  Demographics sheet
2.  Copy of insurance card
3.  Most recent office notes
4.  Most recent imaging reports

We will share information regarding your patient’s plan of care immediately after their initial appointment and periodically through their treatments through a letter or fax to your clinic. We thank you for the opportunity to care for your patient.

Interesting links for Physicians:

American Pain Society
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: Chronic Pain
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: Back Pain
American Board of Anesthesiology




Meet Our Providers

Our Facility

” Dr.Krishnan is a wonderful human being and he has given me my life back. I was in so much pain we severe scoliosis and spinde stenosis and he worked with me doing procedures along with medication therapy and actually gave me a new lease on life. I can walk long distances now, do housework, be happy, visit my children, take vacations and do it without severe pain that has occupied me all my life basically. If you need someone who actually listens, has compassion and will really work hard to give you your life back with severe debilitating pain, I highly recommend Dr.Krishnan. His wife, mrs.Krishnan works in the office too as well as the staff who always goes the extra mile to help you any way they can.”

– Patricia Conner

” Dr Krishnan is a wonderful pain specialist, he’s not only very knowledgable, he’s very caring and he has always gone out his way to make sure my needs are met. I’ve been seeing Dr Krishnan for so many years and no matter what problem I may have he always gracefully take my appointments.Thank you Dr Krishnan, you are truly a blessing.”

– Marvetta Boykin


” All of the staff are beyond amazing! It may be a doctor’s visit but I always laugh and make jokes with the staff and ‘Handsome’ Dr.Krishnan. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people at this office!”

– Odater oates

” I have been treated for chronic back pain with Dr.Krishnan for more than 2 years, not only is he a great doctor but, he is a kind and gentle man. I don’t dread going to my appointments because they feel like family to me. The shots (and I am telling the truth) most of the time causes me no pain at all, when I need to talk to him, ne never gives me the feeling that he needs to hurry me up. He truly is a fine doctor!”

– Dana Holmes